Liberty Love and Freedom

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An Infinite Love

An Infinite Love

Liberty Love and Freedom

Liberty Love and Freedom

A Mindful Heart

A Mindful Heart



The King James Bible Genesis 1:26-28

This is the foundation of all justice and law in that we are all Created equal, and shall share equally in rule.

“Your Honour I am a Living Being. The Flesh lives and the Blood Flows.

I ask Humbly for Remedy”

“Your Honour I am a Living Being. The Flesh lives and the blood flows”

Your Honour I humbly ask for Cure and Maintenance……..

Liberty Sovereignty and Constitutional Law

Liberty Sovereignty and Constitutional Law
By Rick Novak

This has been a real problem.. The level of mind control.. Is huge here… I talk to people everyday … Average people they are very focused on football being Australian etc.. They are a hard bunch to awaken… But the last 2 years has been better.. But their level on denial has concerned me for quite a while now ..

The fluoride water targeting, has breached our Constitution’s both in Australia and mainstream media, and the HAARP elf, has been targeting supposed activists still in place now into just going through the motions.. Often they are in hi profile positions etc.. I have watched the ramp up.. of that…Our Guns have been taken away.. The police have been targeting individuals , detentions camps built around the world, for the awakened incorruptible masses etc..

The Marines U.S.A are coming in in droves N.T. The Blackened Governments are recruiting Militia for the Capital cities ..I know first hand etc.. It is not a good scenario…The level of migration.. From China.. Has seen them very indoctrinated and controlled heavily .. The real white hats are targeted as we .. There is an underground force within China, that understands the erosion of their culture through Communism etc..

Mind controlled etc… Once they are here for about 2-3 years they slow down a bit .. and start thinking but it is very weird…to watch it transpire… I am active more than most..
I have been targeted by the Victorian Police etc.. I am quite literally always moving around…

I have been a very successful Business man in construction and all other endeavors etc…
I fund myself etc…. I am hardly public Enemy number 1 …. They have pissed me off etc.. Tried to render me financially ruined etc.. ..Time has been broken they understand that I am a changer etc.. and make a difference. I will not stop until justice is done…. NEVER.. from here and as globally…. This land is not a safe place etc.. For that I have known all of my life…B.T.W.. The corruption runs deeper than most honest peoples are aware Trafficking Thanks for the message.. We will fix it …It is and needs to happen Now etc.. Working on it.. always etc…..

THAT IS ABOUT AS UN AUSTRALIAN AS CAN BE….. Awaken all your friends and families and random Mums and dads please they are hurting Just asks them…Do not just talk with likeminded peoples etc.. We have a duty to enforced what our FREEDOM IS under the CREATOR ,and just what our Planet truly means to us…..

Our lands are ours, let no man nor woman taketh away our sovereign right of existence, for we are sovereign beings.
I believe in the ultimate power of GOOD WILL, over the truly destructive tyranny that is Evil. That has attacked the true core essence of HUMANITY and along with all of our Creatures under the CREATORS vision of what we were destined to offer our universe.

The vast Majority of Governments across the globe are well Corrupt to the point of almost no return…Mass cat scans are required, for external forces are well at play, the agenda for them is more than 21.. It is the systematic dismantling of what it is to be, HUMAN .

This is the most important battle we are facing head on right now..
Grand Common Law Constitutional Juries need to be set up immediately .. I will for one be very happy to be on any Jury, in this land Australia, or other Countries facing the same level of evil Corrupted Governments insipid control.
Please listen to me carefully… ACT.. There must be cohesive structure.. immediately rolled out History will be kind to our endeavours….

I RICK NOVAK assert my INALIENABLE Moral rights under INTERNATIONAL Common Law Magna Carta as a man born on land not at sea…